DVD and Workbook – How to Homeschool with Confidence


Confidence in Homeschooling Comes From a Sure Foundation, and Leslie Nunnery and Rachael Carman want to help you find that. Join them for 15 lessons full of fun, warmth, wisdom, and practical ideas and tips to help you homeschool your children the way you’ve always wanted to.
Session 1– How to get the most out of this course
Session 2– Setting Goals for the Journey
Session 3– Finding Support
Session 4– Choosing Curriculum
Session 5– Practical How To’s (The Nuts and Bolts of Homeschooling)
Session 6– Organizing Your Homeschool Stuff
Session 7– Organizing Your Homeschool Day
Session 8– Tips from Veterans
Session 9– Family Matters: Marriage
Session 10– Family Matters: The Rest
Session 11– Dealing with Opposition
Session 12– High School Graduation and College
Session 13– If College is not the End Game
Session 14– You Can Make It!
Session 15– Continuing Education and Encouragement Opportunities


This class and the accompanying workbook provides the deepest and best resources out there for anchoring your foundation for homeschooling. It digs deep with the right focus and provides extremely practical tips, advice, and direction from two experienced homeschool moms.