Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 3


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Finally, a homeschool math curriculum for the real world! Math Lessons for a Living Education 3 brings concepts to life through a Charlotte Mason flavor of engaging stories, copy work, oral narration, hands-on experience, and practical application. Equivalent to a third grade level.

Math Made Enjoyable

Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 3 teaches math through engaging real-life stories and practical application. This story-based approach ensures math is exciting and enjoyable as students participate in the story, make mathematical connections, explore the world around them with Charlie & Charlotte, and learn how they can put math to work in their own lives!

In Level 3, Charlie and Charlotte\’s family is traveling to Peru–many exciting adventures await the twins and your student as they make their journey, experience a new cultural, develop important character traits, and use their math skills to solve everyday problems!

Math Lessons for a Living Education teaches through:

  • Short, story based lessons
  • Real life application
  • Hands-on activities
  • Engaging, full-color worksheets

Real Life, Real Math

Math is a