Little Lights Series (14 Hardback Books)


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The Little Lights books are colorfully illustrated short stories about famous men and women who served Christ, bringing the Light of the Gospel to our world! They were written for children ages 3-8 and would be a wonderful addition to a family library. This set includes the following 14 titles:

#1 – Can Brown Eyes be Made Blue?
The True Story of Amy Carmichael and her Looking Glass

#2 – Could Somebody Pass the Salt?
The True Story of Hudson Taylor and a Bowl of Soup

#3 – Are All of the Watches Safe?
The True Story of Corrie ten Boom and the Little Dutch Watch Shop

#4 – Does Money Grow on Trees?
The True Story of George Muller and the Hidden Coins

#5 – What’s in the Parcel?
The True Story of Helen Roseveare and the Hot Water Bottle

#6 – Who is the Bravest?
The True Story of David Livingstone and his Astonishing Journeys

#7 – What is the Truth?
The True Story of John Calvin and the Reformation

#8 – What Should I Do?
The True Story of Martin Luther and the Reformation

#9 – Are You Ready?
The True Story of Eric Liddell and the Olympic Games

#10 – What is it Like?
The True Story of Mary Slessor and her Africa Adventure

#11 – Can You Imagine?
The True Story of C. S. Lewis and his Books

#12 – Are You Going to Stop?
The True Story of Gladys Aylward and her Orphanage

#13 – What Do You Need?
The True Story of Lottie Moon

#14 – Who Will Save You?
The True Story of John Knox

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