Life in the Great Ice Age


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If you have ever been confused about whether there ever was an ice age and if so, what caused it, and you don\’t have time to read a longer, more technical explanation, this is the book for you. The first half of this large size, colorful and creative children\’s book is an imaginary story about a family living near the end of the Ice Age. Your children will be fascinated by a saber-toothed tiger, wooly mammoths, life in a cave, and the daily chores and pleasures of the tribe. In section two, the authors give more detailed explanations of their theory about the Ice Age. They include facts about weather, the fossil record, and archaeological finds. They even reveal the truth about the Neanderthals! This is a great presentation that the whole family will be able to learn from and enjoy. Large Hardback, 71 pages.

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