Ivan and the Moscow Circus (Book 1 – Behind the Iron Curtain: The Ivan Series)


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Twelve-year-old Ivan lives behind the Iron Curtain in Communist-controlled Moscow. He and his family are Christians-a dangerous faith to hold in a country which glorifies blind loyalty to the state and often relegates pastors and political dissenters to work camps or insane asylums.

In Ivan and the Moscow Circus (Book 1 in Behind the Iron Curtain: The Ivan Series), Ivan meets a young circus acrobat who is searching for a way to free his uncle from the government’s clutches. The acrobat’s uncle has been interred in an insane asylum because of his alleged mental instability, but actually he’s a poet who has offended the government by his anti-Communist writings, and is now being held indefinitely until he agrees to stop criticizing the Soviet Union.

Ivan’s new friend doesn’t want to hear about his faith in God, but he does want Ivan to help his uncle escape. When Ivan’s younger sister, Katya, accidentally meets a Canadian journalist and takes him to visit her family, Ivan realizes that he may have found the way. Can Ivan dodge the secret police long enough to prove his story to this sympathetic journalist and spread the news of the unlawful internment to the West? Paperback, 157 pages.