Ivan and the Informer (Book 3 – Behind the Iron Curtain: The Ivan Series)


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Twelve-year-old Ivan lives behind the Iron Curtain in Communist-controlled Moscow. He and his family are Christians-a dangerous faith to hold in a country which glorifies blind loyalty to the state and often relegates pastors and political dissenters to work camps or insane asylums.

In Ivan and the Informer (Book 3 in Behind the Iron Curtain: The Ivan Series), Ivan is interrogated by the police after he attends a secret Bible study with his friends. The police make it appear that he is an informer, and now his Christian friends no longer trust him. It’s clear that there was an informer, but Ivan knows that he isn’t the one. Which of his friends has betrayed them? Can Ivan clear his name and protect Katya and their parents from the devious police plot? Paperback, 99 pages.

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