Ivan and the Hidden Bible (Book 4 – Behind the Iron Curtain: The Ivan Series)


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Twelve-year-old Ivan lives behind the Iron Curtain in Communist-controlled Moscow. He and his family are Christians-a dangerous faith to hold in a country which glorifies blind loyalty to the state and often relegates pastors and political dissenters to work camps or insane asylums.

In Ivan and the Hidden Bible (Book 4 in Behind the Iron Curtain: The Ivan Series), Ivan and his sister Katya must spend a week working on a Lenin Collective Farm. Their excitement mounts when they learn that their grandfather once owned this land, and that a letter from decades ago may contain a clue to the location of a secret Bible hidden on the farm. But life becomes even more challenging when one of Ivan’s schoolmates, the leader of the Communist “Young Pioneer” group Ivan is working under, decides to persecute the two Christians. Can they dodge his attacks and find the Bible? Paperback, 121 pages.

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