I Dig Dinosaurs! - Buddy Davis: Amazing Adventures (DVD)


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This real-life dinosaur researcher inspires kids with his solid creation teaching and infectious passion for the gospel. Buddy discovers a BIG dinosaur bone, and in the process shows the effects of Noah\’s Flood on the Montana landscape. Your kids will see a remote part of the USA where the floodwaters scoured the earth and left a mangled graveyard of dinosaurs, fish, plants, and more-a treasure trove of fossils! This fast-paced DVD overflows with fun Bible-based dinosaur facts that kids (and adults!) love. Plus there\’s a ton of bonus features, including a look inside Buddy\’s dinosaur design studio, a peek at the mechanics that power the animatronic beasts at the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, extra teaching about the creatures in the Creation Museum’s “Dinosaur Den,” and much more! DVD, 25 minutes.

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