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There is no better way to grow as a homeschool family than to take advantage of the homeschool group bundle made available to you through this offer. Our mission is to encourage and equip Christian families to raise well-grounded, biblically sound children who will be ready to lead the church for generations to come.

  • Get an annual membership to Teach Them Diligently 365, which will give you access to over 2,000 audio recordings from past Teach Them Diligently events. In addition to the incredible library of workshop recordings, you’ll also be able to access regular video mini-workshops to keep you focused and refreshed. There are currently over 160 of those videos available on demand within TTD365. Finally, and for many most importantly, you’ll have access to the vibrant community of Christian homeschool families within Teach Them Diligently 365. With a social media-type timeline for sharing and interacting, small groups, app-based messaging, regular virtual meet-ups, and regional TTD365 Together Retreats, your membership to TTD365 will go a long way towards keeping you focused and growing in your homeschool and family journey. (Annual Membership Value: $97)
  • Get lifetime access to the TTD at Home virtual event. This event features more than 150 workshop videos from Teach Them Diligently speakers, interviews and Facebook Lives, and more. It’s the closest thing we could create to bring Teach Them Diligently right to your home. (Value of TTD at Home: $40)
  • Get lifetime access to the Teach Them Diligently Family Conference. With video¬† workshops all geared towards strengthening your family, this virtual event is a great final piece to this bundle, for as we all know, homeschooling impacts every single area of our lives and family. (Value of TTD Family Conference: $25)

Total Retail Value of the bundle is $162. You save 47% with the Homeschool Group Bundle!!