Growing in Wisdom Curriculum (Character Concepts Curriculum - Level 5)


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Level 5 of Character Concepts Curriculum, appropriate for ages 8-13, includes the following items:

Growing in Wisdom – This study is based on the popular handout Identifying and Dealing with Offenses by Marilyn Boyer. In it your child will learn 32 types of negative behavior and their Biblical consequences. Through insights learned from God`s Word, your child will be guided in making an intentional decision to choose positive, godly character in their day to day life. God has the answer for turning our negative natural tendencies into choices which reflect the character of Jesus Christ. Paperback, 204 pages.

Growing in Wisdom Flashcards is a set of 32 flashcards to be used in coordination with the Growing in Wisdom study. The flashcards are provided to help children learn the positive quality which is the opposite of the negative trait demonstrated. On the back side of the card is the Scripture verse which addresses the problem, with its reference, and also an insight to be gleaned from Scripture directed at helping your child to make a wise practical decision.

Growing in Wisdom CD set brings you Uncle Rick reading the Scripture selections studied in the curriculum and commenting on them, encouraging your student to learn to make wise choices in everyday life as they face challenging situations. He teaches lessons in boldness, cheerfulness, diligence, truthfulness, discretion, and other important character qualities to reinforce lessons learned in the workbook. Let Uncle Rick help you raise sons and daughters who will make an intentional choice to do the right thing.

Character traits covered:

Self Control instead of Anger

Love Instead of Tattling

Kindness instead of Unkindness

Diligence instead of Laziness

Cheerfulness instead of Complaining

and many more.

Other negative qualites they will learn to turn into the corresponding positive qualities are: Jealousy, Mocking, Disobedience, Not Listening, Arguing, Boasting, Lying, Teasing, Bad Words, Pride,, Fearfulness, Stealing, Cheating, Cruelty, Mischievousness, Scornfulness, Vengefulness, Rejoicing When Others Get into Trouble, Bribing, Planning Wickedness, Greediness, Gossiping, Flattery, Deceitfulness, Arrogance, Not Admitting Wrongdoing.

If you are working through this curriculum with multiple students, you may want to purchase each one their own study book and let them share the CD set and flashcards.

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