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Your Story Hour proudly presents this set of dramatized¬† stories in our “Exciting Events” series that the whole family can enjoy!

Travel with Commander Robert Peary and his African-American associate Matthew Henson as they lead a dangerous Arctic expedition, by ship and dog sleds, to the “Top of the World.” Recognized as co-discoverers of the North Pole, theirs is a saga of friendship, grit, trust, and triumph.

Listen as young Walt, a Kansas farm boy, learns a valuable lesson about taking responsibility and making things right after a 1930’s jackrabbit infestation strikes the prairies in “Ready, Aim, Hop!”

Follow William and Ellen Craft in “A Daring Disguise” as they attempt a high-risk escape from slavery.

In “Badger’s Patchwork Coat,” Stan is mugged walking home from the grocery story and his view of homeless people is turned upside down.

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