Economics: A Free Market Reader


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Economics: A Free Market Reader is a collection of thirteen articles by noted economists selected to enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of the subject of free market economics.

These selected articles originally appeared in The Foundation for Economic Education’s monthly study journal, The Freeman. The articles were compiled by Bettina Bien Greaves and were subsequently reprinted in Free Market Economics: A Reader.  

The articles in Bluestocking Press\’ Economics: A Free Market Readerwere selected to accompany Richard J. Maybury’s book Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? and its corresponding student study guide: A Bluestocking Guide: Economics.

For each article, Economics: A Free Market Reader also includes two types of study questions (original to Bluestocking Press’ publication of the book): “What Do You Think?” questions, and “Thought Questions”.

Prior to each article the “What Do You Think?” questions should be answered based on the reader’s current knowledge and/or opinion of the topic. These answers should then be revisited after reading the article to see if the perspective/knowledge base of the student has changed.

Following each article are “Thought Questions” designed to facilitate student-teacher discussion, and to enhance the student’s understanding and appreciation of the subject matter.



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