America in the 1880s (U.S. History Collection) (DVD)


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What was life like in America in the 1880’s? Certainly nothing like today, yet many of the things we so cherish now had their roots during this significant and often neglected decade in history.

Just like a time machine, this DVD will transport you back to discover the people and events that shaped this exciting decade. You’ll learn about fashion, politics, sports heroes, famous inventors, Wall Street financiers, railroad expansion, buffalo extinction, Indian resettlement, Civil Rights, union organization, urbanization, the music of the times, and much, much more!

Through the use of live re-enactments, rare historical photographs and drawings, and award-winning photography you’ll be amazed, amused, entertained and educated about many little known facts and some life changing events that have become part of the foundation of our society today.

As a bonus feature, we also present an archival documentary film about the life of Alexander Graham Bell, his work with the deaf and the invention of the telephone!

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