Preparing Your Teens and Young Adults for Godly Relationships | 300

Michael Johnson, author of ‘Date Like You Know What You’re Doing’ and president of Future Marriage University, discusses the importance of teaching young adults about dating and relationships. He shares insights on discerning God’s will, navigating heartbreak, and addressing sensitive topics with children. Michael emphasizes the value of open communication, understanding beliefs, and the sovereignty of God in parenting. 

Meet the Guest:

Michael Johnson is the President and Dean of Dating at Future Marriage University (FMU), co-founded with his wife, Julie. The mission of FMU is to empower students and young adults to grow spiritually and date wisely so they can marry well. Michael and Julie have known marital bliss since 1993, raised and homeschooled five children together since 1995, and lived in the Nashville area since 2001. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Teaching young adults about dating and relationships is crucial for their future well-being and happiness. 
  • Understanding God’s will and seeking wisdom over emotions is essential in navigating relationships. 
  • Open communication, understanding beliefs, and demonstrating humility and repentance are key in addressing sensitive topics with children. 
  • The sovereignty of God and trusting in His plan is foundational in parenting and guiding children through life’s challenges. 

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