9th Grade

Planning for Spring(Freshman)

Planning for Spring (Freshman)

The holidays are fast approaching, and you are probably planning on taking a few weeks off from school. In your downtime intentionally set aside some time to review your goals and plans. You might have time in December, or it might just be good to get some time scheduled now for your calendar in January. This is a great way to come into the New Year with a fresh perspective and new goals! Rather than add to your to-do list for this busy season, this month’s email will review some of the concepts we’ve covered this past semester. These will come in handy as you plan for the second half of your student’s freshman year.

  • Academic Check-Up

The end of the semester is a great time to check in on how your student is doing academically. Is your curriculum working well? Are there subjects that need to be adapted? Is extra practice needed, or perhaps some additional tutoring? Evaluate and adjust to meet your teen’s needs, that’s one of the unique advantages of homeschooling!

  • Tune in to Interests and Passions

Have you noticed your student showing any areas of significant strength or interest? If so, that’s great! If not, that’s completely normal – most 14-year-olds are still developing their passions and discerning the calling God has upon their lives. Continue to look for opportunities to strengthen your student’s gifts via volunteering, seminars, online webinars and internships.

  • Acquaint with Standardized Testing

The upcoming semester and summer following are prime time to begin acquainting your student with the structure of standardized tests. Which tests and what timeframe makes the most sense for your teen? There is the opportunity to do a “test run” of the PSAT in October of 10th grade if that exam makes sense for your teen. Depending on where he or she is with math they might even consider taking the first ACT in their sophomore year. If that matches with your plan then consider buying or borrowing a test prep book over the summer to begin the test prep process, and possibly signing up for a test prep course.

  • Create a Transcript and Resume

Chances are you’ve already created a transcript, which is great! It’s so much easier to track everything as you go. Be sure to add any accomplishments, achievements, or awards to the extracurricular section. While not all of these will be needed as your student adds more to his record, they are stepping stones to opportunity (and maybe his first summer job!).

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