Parenting with Purpose: The Power of Doing the Unexpected | 302

Discover the transformative power of doing the unexpected in parenting with David and Leslie Nunnery on the Teach Them Diligently Podcast. Learn how engaging in surprising activities can strengthen your family bonds, build lasting memories, and fulfill your mission as parents. From playing hide and seek in the dark to organizing formal dinners, find practical tips and inspiring stories to make parenting more intentional and fun. 

They share personal stories and practical advice on how stepping out of the ordinary routine can strengthen relationships, foster growth, and create lasting memories. The Nunnerys emphasize the importance of intentionality and how these efforts align with their mission to shepherd their children’s hearts and prepare them for their future. Tune in to discover how doing the unexpected can transform your family dynamics and lead to deeper connections.

Key Takeaways:

  • The concept of doing the unexpected as parents 
  • Personal anecdotes illustrating surprising and engaging activities 
  • The importance of intentionality in parenting 
  • How unexpected activities can build stronger relationships with children 
  • Practical examples of unexpected activities: hide and seek in the dark, formal dinners, mountain biking, and more 
  • The benefits of allowing children to take on challenging tasks 
  • How these activities contribute to a family’s mission and long-term goals 
  • Encouraging active and sacrificial involvement in children’s interests 

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