Overcoming the “Mom Stress” | 98

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed and sometimes even defeated trying to get everything you THINK you need to get in done in any given week? Are you focusing on making sure your kiddos don’t miss out, and that’s making everything a little bit harder? Well, then– You’re in the right place!

On today’s podcast, we’re going to talk about how you can get it all in without you or your kiddos getting stressed out out. Rachel Figg is a music teacher who has started Hands On Homeschool dot com as a way to offer STEM and STEAM classes without allowing them to become overwhelming. She has some great ideas to share with us that I think you’ll find to be encouraging and really helpful!

About Rachel:

Rachel Figg is a homeschool mom of four. She is the creator of The Hands-on Homeschool Virtual Co-op- an online program that provides self-paced, done for you classes in the enrichment areas of Music, Art, STEM & PE. She is passionate about partnering with parents to provide the best, most well-rounded education possible to homeschooling families. Rachel and her husband Chris live with their four children in the upstate of South Carolina. 

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