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Today’s podcast is centered around overcoming learning challenges, getting equipped to handle hard things, and more. Andrea Pitman is the Executive director of the Nectar Group, which focuses on helping children truly overcome learning challenges like ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning struggles. On today’s episode, she will talk about how these issues can be identified and treated to allow children to reach their full learning potential. 

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Today’s episode is sponsored by Apologia Educational Ministries. Apologia supports homeschool families with Christ-centered, K-12 homeschool curriculum designed to engage your student as they experience the awe and wonder of Creation and their Creator. Designed by leading scholars with a Biblical worldview, Apologia’s award-winning textbooks serve as the teacher and are written in a conversational tone directly to the student to encourage independence. Hands-on activities and experiments throughout each course help students solidify the concepts they’re learning and build a lifelong love of learning. Apologia also offers online learning through live classes, self-paced digital learning, and audio and video supplements to accommodate every student’s unique learning style. To learn more and shop Apologia’s award-winning curriculum, visit Apologia.com.

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The Nectar Group is an education company dedicated to helping students overcome learning challenges so that they can reach their full potential. With our assessment-driven process, we use scientific tools to evaluate and pinpoint the root causes of learning difficulties. Then, we create custom solutions utilizing cognitive neuroscience to resolve those root issues.

We optimize learning and take a holistic approach to improving school, work, and life performance by providing:

  Therapeutic interventions that are grounded in neuroscience to treat the causes of learning difficulties for all ages

  K-12 and collegiate level academic tutoring in reading, writing, and math to build solid content and prepare students for college and beyond

  Study skills and executive function coaching to ensure successful student outcomes

  One-to-one educational services via educational consulting, individualized schooling, and homeschool support.

Click HERE to find out more about their upcoming webinar events.

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