Official Teach Them Diligently Coronavirus Update

Dear friends,

What a week it has been! All of us have been taken aback as new information about the Coronavirus and its impact on the US has been given. Over the last several days things have shifted quite a bit, and we have collectively tried to wade through what is real and what is hype. David and I have taken a lot of time to pray about and study this situation as we have been seeking God’s face for wisdom about how to proceed with the upcoming Teach Them Diligently events.

As more has become clear, and our president and the CDC have asked people to keep their interactions with others to a minimum– even going so far as to ask people not to have meetings for groups of 10 or more– to contain the spread of this virus as much as we possibly can. Our hearts have been reminded over and over of God’s instructions to His own in Romans 12:10–

Love one another with brotherly affection.
Outdo one another in showing honor.
I also giggled as I walked down our hall this morning and saw what I have had posted in the kid’s bathroom as a daily reminder for them for years (which is a great lesson for all of us today.)
Those Biblical instructions were the heart behind the very difficult decision we have had to make regarding TTD Rogers and TTD Waco.

With the well-being not only of our immediate families, but of all the grandparents, loved ones, neighbors, etc. that could possibly be impacted should something spread at Teach Them Diligently, we have decided to cancel the next 2 events that fall immediately within the timeframe that the CDC has currently set forth as particularly dangerous. Those two events are TTD Rogers and TTD Waco.

Seeing the handwriting on the wall a week ago, we started praying about and strategizing for the world’s most unusual virtual event. We are hard at work in the initial planning stages of Teach Them Diligently At Home– The biggest homeschool party on the planet. 🙂

Some of the things we have really been praying about is the loneliness and isolation many may feel during this time in addition to the lack of encouragement and instruction that they were counting on at those events, so we have designed something that we hope will prove that When You’re Part Of The Teach Them Diligently Community, You Need Never Feel Alone.

With that idea in mind, we are excited to start giving you details of what we’re working on that will replace TTDRogers and TTD Waco– but will also be open and available to any other registered TTD family and beyond.

The virtual extravaganza will include the workshops you are missing at the TTD events, PLUS so much more! We’re working on community hangoutsgames, super cool face-to-face exhibit hall opportunitiesLIVE featured sessionsgiveawaysprayer times, virtual children and teen programming to give your kiddos something to look forward to each day, and so much more! I am SUPER PUMPED for it, for I think it will keep us all connected even while we are cutting back on all our other gatherings.

What you can expect in the days ahead:

  • If you are registered for any TTD event this season, you will receive a ticket to this virtual extravaganza… come and hang out with us while we’re all hunkered in at home! It’s going to be FUN!
  • If you are registered for TTDRogers or TTDWaco, you will also receive an annual membership to TTD365, which houses over 1,900 audio recordings from TTD events of the past, over 200 videos, courses, community, forums, groups, and so much more! It will keep you encouraged and on your toes all year long– plus, I promise you’ll make some great friends in there once you dive in. 🙂 You are also welcome to switch your registration to another TTD Live event if you would like.
  • If you are registered for Rogers or Waco, we will be refunding all children’s program fees and other add-on fees. It will likely take us quite a while to do that, so please bear with us as we have a million new things to focus on right now. (We are not, however, able to refund the TTDRegistration fees, which is why we are offering the virtual event and the TTD365 membership in its place. You can also join us for any other TTD live event this season if you like.)
  • Podcasts from some of your favorite TTD speakers and exhibitors will be released through the Teach Them Diligently Homeschooling Families Podcast almost daily in the days to come, so you’ll always have access to more great content from them. Subscribe to the podcast today, so you don’t miss a thing!
  • We’ll be sending way more details about the Teach Them Diligently At Home Event as soon as we can– so watch your email closely in the days ahead for emails from TTD. (If you are not already on the TTD Email list, click here to sign up now, so you won’t miss a thing!)
  • While you’re waiting, we decided to share last week’s TTD365 video with you all (it would generally be locked down for member’s only.) This video shares some ideas for ways to capitalize on this situation with your family. Click here to view that video and additional resources now.

God is on the throne! He knew this was coming, and we stand in awe that we are actually positioned to move forward with a virtual event of this magnitude. We are the Body of Christ, so let’s act like it! Let’s bond together, learn together, fellowship and pray with one another in the days to come and put legs to our theme of being FAMILIES ON MISSION together as we show those around us the love of our great God! May God build His Kingdom through us in this unprecedented time in our nation.

May Jesus Christ Be Praised!
Leslie and David Nunnery
Teach Them Diligently

PS— Please stay tuned but understand that we can’t respond personally to everyone right now. We will get you as much information as we can as quickly as we can, but we can’t move forward on the new event while we’re staying so busy answering every question as it comes in. Thanks in advance for your grace on our behalf.