Navigating Life’s Unexpected Twists: How to Pivot in Homeschooling and Family Life | 294

Join Leslie Nunnery and Anna Goodwyn as they discuss navigating life’s unexpected twists in homeschooling and family life. Anna shares her personal journey of being a second-generation homeschooler and how she learned to pivot when faced with unexpected challenges, such as being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease while homeschooling her young children. Discover practical tips and spiritual insights on how to stay rooted in God’s plan while adapting to life’s curveballs.

Meet the Guest:

Anna is a second generation homeschooler, married 23 years to the boy next door and has graduated 2 of their 6 children. Just Makin It Work is her ministry, which focuses on Managing the PEOPLE we love… around the STUFF that clutters.. within the TIME we are given… below the BUDGET we have… all while shepherding the needs of the HEART. . Anna shares actionable steps and encouragement on her YouTube Channel, Just Makin It Work and her HomeschoolCommunity, Made2Homeschool.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pivoting in homeschooling is necessary when unexpected challenges arise. 
  • Relying on God’s strength and wisdom is crucial in navigating these challenges. 
  • Prioritizing self-care is important for homeschooling parents. 
  • Seeking support and guidance from seasoned homeschoolers can provide valuable insights and encouragement. 
  • Staying connected to God through prayer and Scripture is essential in homeschooling. 

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