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Join Leslie Nunnery and special guest Brenda Scott from the Gentle Learning Company as they delve into the sometimes challenging world of homeschooling. From dealing with reluctant learners to managing disruptive behavior, Brenda shares her valuable insights and practical strategies gleaned from her extensive experience homeschooling her five children. Discover how short lessons, incorporating food, and adapting teaching methods can significantly impact your homeschooling journey.  

Meet the Guest:

Brenda Scott is a writer, speaker, Charlotte Mason homeschool community director, and the creator of The Gentle Learning Company. Brenda uses her love of living books and her obsession with spreadsheets to create flexible and customizable reading plans, designed for whole-family learning. Brenda has a degree in Culture, Literature and the Arts from the University of Washington.
Three of Brenda’s homeschooled children are now young adult men, and she is still homeschooling two teen daughters. She and her husband are adoptive parents, and Brenda published the book “Adoption: Your Questions Answered” for families who are interested in adopting. She and her family moved from Oregon to Lynchburg, Virginia a few years ago. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep lessons short to accommodate children who may be resistant to homeschooling. 
  • Incorporate food as a motivator and use it to create a positive learning environment. 
  • Provide regular physical activity breaks to help children reset and refocus. 
  • Understand each child’s unique needs and tailor the homeschooling approach accordingly. 
  • Find creative ways to engage children in learning, such as incorporating games and hands-on activities. 
  • Check for underlying issues that may be causing resistance or difficulties, such as low blood sugar or sensory processing issues. 
  • Seek support and take breaks when needed to maintain a healthy homeschooling environment. 
  • Celebrate the benefits of homeschooling, including strong relationships and opportunities for deeper conversations and experiences. 

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