Navigating Faith: Practical Theology and Evangelism | 304

In this enlightening episode of the Teach Them Diligently podcast, Leslie Nunnery sits down with Phylicia Masonheimer, founder of Every Woman a Theologian, to delve into the intersection of theology, apologetics, and daily life. Phylicia shares her journey from a strong-willed, inquisitive teenager to a passionate advocate for deepening faith through understanding scripture and living it out authentically. 

Phylicia, alongside her husband Josh, leads Every Woman a Theologian, a ministry dedicated to helping Christians grasp what they believe, why they believe it, and how to communicate it graciously to the world. With a team of nine, they produce a wealth of resources, including podcasts, books, and an annual conference, all aimed at equipping believers to share Christ authentically. 

In this episode, Phylicia reflects on her homeschooling background, the early days of her ministry, and the importance of addressing teens’ tough questions about faith. She emphasizes the need for parents to engage with their children’s inquiries, no matter how challenging, and to cultivate a love for scripture and an understanding of God’s grace. 

Join us as Phylicia discusses the power of seeing people as image bearers of God, the significance of gracious evangelism, and the journey from legalism to true freedom in Christ. This conversation is a heartfelt exploration of practical theology, spiritual formation, and the transformative impact of a faith lived out with love and authenticity

Key Takeaways:

  • Going deeper in faith and understanding theology is important for every believer. 
  • Resources that make theology accessible are needed to equip believers to communicate their faith graciously. 
  • Engaging with hard questions and cultivating a love for people is essential in sharing the truth of the gospel. 
  • The Verity Conference focuses on theological teaching that is applicable to real life and aims to equip believers to reach the unreached. 
  • Parents should be prepared to answer the questions of their children and help them develop a strong foundation of faith. 

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