“But I really think I can make it…”

When I read those words at the top of a flyer in an Amish coffee shop in Ohio recently, I was immediately pulled into the story that followed. Those were the last words spoken by a man driving his car around a slow moving tractor before he hit an oncoming car head-on–killing him and his wife.

The warning on that flyer was about miscalculations–and God used that piece of paper to grip my heart and really re-focus me on the importance of the mission at hand–the calling of Christian parents.

As parents, we are in constant motion. Theses days it seems like there is always something to distract us or push us in one direction or another. We are constantly making decisions and moving our children in one direction or another… Many times, we have put very little thought into that motion. Whether we are simply exhausted or we have just too much coming at us at once, many times we float from one thing to the next.

We rush like the man in that car on the piece of paper. He was just trying to get to his destination.

But, we absolutely cannot afford miscalculations in our family.

“I don’t think he’s old enough to understand…”“We’ll address that tomorrow. I’m too tired tonight…”“It’s just a phase…”“But, that makes him so happy…”“I don’t want to mess with it now…”
Our time with our children is far too precious to waste a minute or to risk a miscalculation on our part bearing unwanted fruit in their lives.

“Miscalculations” was what was in my mind as I wrote the worksheets that accompany the Heart School class, and that is what is driving the current video Bible study series within TTD365 about Becoming The Mom You Want Your Children To Have.

Every day we have with our children is a gift which presents us with incredible opportunities to shepherd their hearts to Jesus and to prepare them well to become all that God has called them to be.

Just imagine what would happen if every Christian parent looked at the privilege they have been given as the opportunity to change the world that it actually is, instead of being content to drift and make miscalculations that will have horrible consequences for our children?

Heart School is designed to keep you from making miscalculations. We’ll start by discussing the very foundation of why we are called to homeschool and disciple our children, and we’ll work our way out to how that foundation will impact every decision you make throughout your day. There are no more miscalculations when you have a solid plan in place and you’re focused on your mission.

Our children are too important not to prepare ourselves in the best possible way to reach their hearts and educate their minds. Won’t you join me for Heart School, so together, we can do just that?

I can’t wait to see you there.

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