The Mind of a High School Boy

The Mind of a High School Boy

Get a peek into the relationship of a homeschool mom and her high school son. With graduation and college on the horizon, what are some of the most valuable lessons they’ve learned together?


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  • Heidi St. John did a podcast interview with her son, who is also a senior. That will give you more insight into the mind of a homeschooled teen guy– and don’t we ALL want that kind of insight?? 🙂 Click here to access that interview now.
  • Find out what goes on in the mind of a Middle School boy during the transition from Middle School to High School by watching the video I did with Payton, my younger son, by clicking here.
  • Join me as we strategically pray scripture for our children through a 35-day free email series on prayer. You’ll find that the way you pray for them really will affect how you live and how you parent. Click here to sign up for that series.

Members-Only Audio Recommendation:

Homeschooling Teens by Deb Bell

Debra Bell teaches this seminar from her varied perspectives as a mom who raised four teens, a long-time high-school-level teacher, and an evaluator of numerous high school homeschool programs. The high school years are your children’s résumé for the future. Here’s how to maximize their time, prepare them for a changing job market, find doors to open, and facilitate non-traditional learning experiences.


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