Keep It Simple – An Interview With Steve Lambert

Keep It Simple – An Interview With Steve Lambert

Sometimes we lose our way because we take our eyes off why we’re doing what we’re doing as well as how high the stakes and how great the opportunities really are. This week, we’ll chat with homeschool pioneer and publisher of Five in a Row, Steve Lambert, about what he’s learned about homeschooling and parenting through the years. This is a must watch!!

Just the audio from this week’s video:
Additional Resources
  • Learn more about Steve Lambert and Five in a Row here.
  • Sometimes it’s easy to lose our focus on the big why we have been called to homeschool in the first place. We explored that Big Why on TTD365 in a post titled The Big WHY – Your Homeschool Foundation. This video also contains a printable that will help you write your own “why” to have on hand for when days get long or you lose your way.

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