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posted // May 1, 2017
posted // May 1
10th Grade
posted // Apr 1, 2017
posted // Apr 1
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posted // Mar 1, 2017
posted // Mar 1
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posted // Feb 1, 2017
posted // Feb 1
Last month we talked about staying in communication with your local college, as well as contacting universities to stay abreast of their transfer policies and admission requirements. This month, we’ll discuss how to choose which colleges to contact, and how to contact them.
10th Grade
posted // Jan 1, 2017
posted // Jan 1
If you’ve recently picked up a community college course catalog for the first time, it might seem overwhelming. How do you know what classes to take? How do you know those classes will transfer into a university degree program? Enter the degree completion plan: every homeschooler’s best friend in the quest for higher education!
10th Grade
posted // Dec 1, 2016
posted // Dec 1
It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the school year already! Before the holidays are in full swing, December is a great time to refine the strategic plan for your student’s college preparation. Here are some steps to take as you plan ahead for next semester:
posted // Nov 1, 2016
posted // Nov 1
Drama group, swimming, gymnastics, debate: how do these activities contribute to a student’s academic transcript? More than you think! While colleges will first take into account a student’s tests scores and grades, extracurricular activities provide a complete picture of who the student is and where he’s headed academically.
posted // Oct 1, 2016
posted // Oct 1
A few months ago we talked about dual enrollment: a fantastic way to save time and money for your student’s college education. (If you haven’t already signed up for a class or two, pick up your local community college catalog or check out the possibilities for online dual credit!) But dual enrollment isn’t the only way to save time and money for college. In this email, we’ll discuss three alternatives that - when used alone or in conjunction with dual enrollment - can help your student achieve her college dreams without the usual time and expense.
posted // Sep 1, 2016
posted // Sep 1
When I was being homeschooled the first month of the fall semester was my favorite time of the year. My books were new, the leaves were changing, and I couldn’t wait to tackle the list of books assigned for that semester! It might not feel like fall quite yet, but chances are your family is back to school after your summer break – ready to tackle another year of learning!
posted // Jul 1, 2016
posted // Jul 1
It’s midsummer and the season of barbecues, pool days, and sunscreen – the last thing you may want to think about is standardized testing! Though not the most thrilling of subjects, now is the time to consider how your student will begin the intentional preparation that will equip him for the SAT and ACT.

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