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Nutrition 101: Choose LIFE!

Discover how to use the nutrition and health curriculum "Nutrition 101: Choose Life!"? for all grades and ages as a health or science credit. Learn how God designed our body systems to function and how to nourish and fuel those systems. It's exciting that, while teaching our children, we learn to thrive as well! Take your families health back and empower them to make great decisions with Nutrition 101!
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Teach Them Diligently 365
Bible Knows Best – Hidden Gems of Astoundingly Good Science and Sound Advice in the Scriptures

David Rives takes attendees on an awe-inspiring journey. Discover nuggets of scientific truth that are easily found when we look closely at the words of Scripture. Did you know that the very origin of time, space, and matter can be found in the very first verse of the Bible? David Rives expertly shows that the Bible is an accurate record of history from beginning to end, and accurate when revealing scientific principles. What is DNA and what does it tell us about a designer God? What do the earth, giant turtles, and a massive pool of water have in common? Who charted the paths of the sea, paths that are still used daily by ships all around the world? Learn of the arctic tern and the tiniest warm-blooded creature on earth: the hummingbird. Employing an easy to use technique, David gives audiences just a hint at the unfathomable grandeur of our Creator's universe, and His awesome creative power.

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