Looking Back on Our Homeschool Years

Looking Back on Homeschool Years

We started our homeschool journey in 2006.

The first year I had a Freshman and Sophomore in high school. I also had 2nd and 4th graders.

We have run the gamut of homeschool styles. From public school online to boxed curriculum to Charlotte Mason to un-schooling. We tried co-op, then quit co-op.

Our oldest got his GED and is a trained Wild land Firefighter, our second son did a semester at Bible College after he graduated high school. He is currently a window cleaning apprentice to start his own company.  Our third, our daughter, is doing college classes as an unschooled high school senior. She is focusing on early childhood education and hopes to do Children’s Ministry. Our youngest, who has been in our  homeschool the longest, has aspirations to be a popular YouTube Vlogger.

This last week I have entered a new season of homeschooling. Gone are what I call the “Lapbook years.” Those years where it was fun to do the field trips. Cute pictures of them snuggled up reading on the couch or in front of the fire on a cold day. Gone are the days of binge watching Kratt’s Creatures.

I cleaned out our Homeschool Closet. The one that The Principal had put up shelves in years ago wth labels for each child’s basket. A shelf for library books and a shelf for educational board games.  I then moved to our art cabinet. The water colors and glitter. Construction paper and foam paint brushes. All boxed up and put away for another day.  I may have shed a tear or two. The memories flooding back of all the good times. Not a single “I am going to put you on the next yellow bus” moment came to mind. Just the good stuff.

I was chatting with a girlfriend, who is just starting out on the walk that is motherhood. She said she doesn’t ever see how she could homeschool. Sending the kids to school is “her time.” I couldn’t ever see sending them back to school.

Now I have some days all to myself. Our daughter is at work. The youngest boy recording and editing his YouTube videos.  While you may feel like some days never end and you are tempted to put them on the yellow bus on that dreary day in February while waiting for spring to get here…but don’t. Enjoy the season because it does go by in a flash. Next thing you know you will find yourself referring to Titus 2: “You, however, must teach what is appropriate to sound doctrine.” as you encourage a new homeschool parent.

Savor the moments, all of them!