Preparing Our Teens For Life | 86

On today’s podcast, we are joined by Jen Dodrill. Jen has some wonderful insight on preparing teens for life. So many kids are entering college and the workforce without the necessary life skills to succeed. Leslie and Jen will talk about why we need to change that and what tools you can use to prepare your teen for an ever changing world.

With all that is going on in the world, one of the life skills we need to teach our children is empathy and care for others. Voice of the Martyrs will give your family current situations about situations Christians all around the world find themselves in. You will learn how to pray specifically for them, and you will grow in faith as you read their stories in the free magazine that you will receive each month. Couple that with the beautiful “Foxes Book of Martyrs” and you will have some great tools to help prepare your children to stand in a increasingly hostile world. Go to today to request your free magazine and book. These will be a blessing and encouragement to your family.

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