I took so much for granted…

As I look at pictures from TTD events of the past, I’m forced to admit to myself that I  took fellowship and the ability to gather for granted. I took the smiles and hugs and noise of all the families being together for granted. I took being able to do whatever we wanted while we were all together for granted.

But no more!

If 2020 taught us anything, it should be to take advantage of and really marvel at all the blessings God has given us. We should be so keenly tuned in to our need for community, and encouragement, and being with those who are walking the same path we are for the same reasons. We should be grateful and intentional about equipping ourselves to do the best job we can with the mission we’ve been given– to Teach our Children Diligently. I see things so much differently than I did this time last year, do you?

Around here, 2020 allowed us to get REALLY intentional in our mission. We revamped TTD365 to make it even more centered around the community and easy access to the resources. We produced Heart School to help parents focus in on their mission and to help them develop a heart-focused homeschool. We released the TTD App to allow everyone to access our library of podcasts, articles, and other resources right from the palm of their hand, and by God’s great grace, we received permission to HOST real IN-PERSON events in 2021.

I encourage each of you to join us at those events. We’re being very careful in our communication to make sure that we’re working closely with the venues and letting you know exactly what we can and cannot do onsite this season. We’re just THRILLED to be able to see you and serve your families again face to face.

Additional Resources:

Have you registered to join us at one of our many IN PERSON conventions this year? Another way that community is indeed like heaven on earth. Click HERE to sign up today!

Are you feeling run down? Many homeschool families experience the “winter blues” of homeschool. Encouragement can be found at our amazing TTD365! Here, you will find many families to talk to, podcast to listen to, and over 2,000 recordings from past conventions! Don’t miss this incredible resource!

Did you know that TTD has a podcast? Every Tuesday, we publish a new podcast with some wonderful homeschool friends! This time will bring laughter and encouragement each week!

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