How to Use Notebooking in Your Homeschool

How to use Notebooking in your Homeschool

Have you ever considered trying notebooking for your homeschool? It’s a different approach to learning that many students and parents find helpful and useful. Not only are students perfecting handwriting skills, they are also learning new and exciting things in the process.

What exactly is notebooking? Maybe you have heard it in passing and never really have given it a second thought. This was me for a while until I gave it a shot with my homeschool.  The results were fantastic. Notebooking is simply  keeping and writing in a notebook. All you really need is a pencil, eraser, glue sticks, tape, scissors, stapler, and a spiral notebook of some kind. To learn more about notebooking, I love how this blog gives you a Notebooking
101 lesson so to speak.

What are examples of notebooking?
50 States Notebook
Handwriting Notebooks
Mystery of History Notebook
Insect Notebook
Reader’s Notebook

And much more. The ideas are endless. You can also find sites to print out notebooking pages to make your child’s notebook really stand out and more enjoyable for learning. They even have notebooking ideas for the preschool crowd as well.

How is Notebooking effective in every day learning?  Notebooking is like a scrapbook for your child’s learning and it’s a great independent learning activity. If you want to encourage your child to keep a journal in every day learning, this is the way to do it. And really, you can be as creative as you want in making notebooks per subject area. There is really no “right” or “wrong” way as long as information is being documented and children are learning and enjoying it.

You can choose to go about notebooking that correlates with a curriculum or without. You can do a visual or written notebook. For the elementary child, written is recommended where the younger crowd would benefit from visual notebooking with lots of pictures, drawings, etc. Keep in mind, that what may work from one homeschool may not work for the other.

Notebooking is worth a shot. If your child is just not enjoying it, you may need to find another learning approach.  Don’t be discouraged if Notebooking doesn’t work for you and your family. For more ideas about notebooking, visit It is a fantastic resource to compile all of your notebooking ideas for the elementary child.