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Surveys are showing that there are a lot of new homeschoolers this year, and Teach Them Diligently is going to provide more and deeper content for new homeschoolers this year than you will find anywhere else. As a new homeschooler at Teach Them Diligently Convention, you will have opportunity to interact with veteran homeschoolers, learn state specific content, and even strategies to direct your vision in equipping and discipling at home. Not only will the content focus on academic strategies, but it will also have the correct focus on the Gospel. You will not find deeper, more complete, more interactive content any where else.

It all starts on Thursday before the convention officially opens and goes through until Saturday. You will have the opportunity to be instructed on strategies and even find one on one opportunities through our mentoring station. We all need to freshen our homeschool vision and learn new ideas, and at Teach Them Diligently you will find the help you are looking for.

And, the assistance will even continue online and through the web. More on this is coming in the near future. However, Teach Them Diligently excels at making connections, and we can connect you with the assistance you need whether online or at one of our events. We are here to serve you.

“Five Flavors of Homeschooling”

The world of homeschooling is a lot like the world of food. You know that you want to provide nutritious meals for your children’s minds, but there are so many possibilities for what that food could look like and taste like.

Join Sonya Shafer for a simple overview of five main approaches to homeschooling: traditional, classical, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, unschooling. Find your preferred “flavor” and learn how to shop for a successful homeschool “menu.” This special experience also includes a tour of the vendor hall before the crowds are allowed in.

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There will be interactive Q&A panel discussions, practical and helpful workshops provided by seasoned homeschool veterans, and state-specific content provided by local homeschool associations in each market. In Ohio, this will be sponsored by Christian Home Educators of Ohio, and in Georgia, it will be sponsored by Georgia Home Educators Association. Additionally, we will be hosting a mentoring area in all of our vendor halls where you can hang out with other moms, have your questions answered, share ideas, and more!

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