Homeschool your Preschooler with These Educational Sites

Educational Sites for Preschoolers

Do you currently homeschool a preschooler and are at loss for what sites are truly educational and effective? You have probably exhausted as many preschool printables that you can handle.

Since even preschoolers are becoming more tech savvy than many adults, this is a great time to introduce all things educational in the wonderful world wide web. No worries, these educational sites are safe and parent-­child­ internet friendly.

ABC Mouse By now, you have probably heard about from commercials on TV to radio advertisements. Is it really as good as they say or is it just a money maker? When ABC Mouse first launched, I was invited to do a review of the program with my preschooler. We tried it out for 1 month. It was fantastic! My preschooler at the time loved it and couldn’t wait to go on every day. The learning ideas available catered to the young mind all the while incorporating important academic skills necessary for Kindergarten. ABC Mouse is a full online curriculum in the areas of reading, math, art, science, music, and more! It is designed specifically for ages 2-­7. It’s like they say a “Step­by­Step Learning Path.” Upon signing up you get a free month’s trial.

Time 4 Learning  is another fantastic online program staring with preschool ages. You are given the opportunity to try sample lessons to get a feel of the program. Time 4 Learning builds skills in the areas of: early literacy, math, music, art, and more. I also reviewed this program in the past with one of preschoolers, and they absolutely loved it. They make learning fun, but effectively. This is so important especially in the preschool years.

Jump Start If you have heard of, most likely you have heard of great things about it. This site also was designed for preschoolers and up. You are given resources, worksheets, activities, games, and more to encourage, enrich, and supplement your preschooler’s learning style. These are the years you will start seeing what learning style your child will lean towards, it’s nice to have options to try out while waiting for that to blossom.

Chalk Preschool Online is for those on a budget. They currently offer a free 14­day trial and after that it is only $11.95 per month. The curriculum is taken from brick­and­mortal preschools. From hands­on activity ideas to math, science, art, music, and more, your child will blossom through their preschool years and be more than ready to enter the wonderful world of Kindergarten.

Free Online Preschool If paying for an online program is just not in your budget, Chalk Preschool has launched Children can learn numbers, letters/alphabets, shapes/colors/sizes, recognize patterns, the weather, and days of the week.

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