Robots & God Workshop by Camp Infinity ( ages 8–18 )

Explore the complexities of God’s creation with Camp Infinity’s Robotics & God workshop.

This 3-hour program for children (ages 8–18) is divided into two age groups: 3rd–6th and 7th–12th (We separate by grade to maximize the best experience for each child.) Once signed up, your child will be given ONE 3-hour time slot for either Friday morning, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, or Saturday afternoon. Availability is limited.

During the program, you will get a close-up introduction of how robots work using the LEGO? MINDSTORMS? EV3. Together with a small team of other participants, you will get hands-on experience building and programming a robot to respond to light, touch, distance, recognize colors or execute other programmed commands. This provides students with an excellent exposure to STEM. Camp Infinity’s mission is to teach STEM from a strong biblical worldview. Past participants will be challenged and inspired as they build upon what they’ve learned and take their robots to a higher level of complexity.

Dan Wooster taught college computer science for 30 years, started several successful computer businesses and recently founded Camp Infinity—Where Science & Technology Meet Truth.

Cost is $55 per child – Register Today
Advanced Instruction – Purchase two slots to give your child a continuous 6-hour block.

Questions & Answers about the Robots & God Workshop

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How long is the workshop?
The workshop will take three hours including disassembly time.
My child has already participated in a Robotics and God by Camp Infinity workshop. Will it be the same as last time?
While the structure is the same, the projects vary based on your child’s experience level.
What robot kit will my child use?
The LEGO Mindstorm EV3.
Can siblings work together?
Since our robotics workshops are based on team building, the older sibling would need to attend the workshop of the younger sibling. Siblings who desire to work together need to arrive together.
Can we request teammates?
Teammates may be requested if they are in the same age bracket and they arrive for the workshop together.
What are the age brackets?
Grades 3-6; Grades 7-12 (based on their grade level in math)
Can we stay with our child?
Teams tend to work better together when parents are not a factor.
Are these workshops run by TTD?
No, they are run by Camp Infinity.
Who is Camp Infinity?
A unique STEM and biblical apologetics camp that works closely with Answers in Genesis. This camp has been providing these Robots and God workshops around the country for TTD and others for the past four years.
Does Camp Infinity offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer scholarships for our overnight summer camps to those who attend a TTD Ci Robots & God workshop.

My child has been in the first Lego league. Will he be challenged at your workshop?
We have worked with many FLL members and have found that they are more exposed to robotics through this workshop.
Will my child have his own robot to work on during the workshop?
No, there is much more value in STEM through teamwork. We have found that the teamwork aspect is the one of the most valuable benefits to STEM.
Will I get to see what my child’s team has built?
Yes, at the end of each workshop each team will have the opportunity to show parents what they accomplished with their robot. Parents need to arrive on time 20 minutes before the workshop is over. Please note that as soon as the demonstrations are over the teams will disassemble their robots.
How many students are placed be on a team?
We place 3 to 4 children on a team.

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