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Creation Rangers: Answer the Call

Homeschool Children's ProgramIn Genesis 1, God created animals on the sixth day and charged man to care for His creation. As followers of Christ, we are to be faithful stewards not only of what we see around us, but also of the gifts and talents we’ve been entrusted with. Jesus taught that being a faithful steward brings both blessing and reward. Will you answer the call?

Be sure to register your children for Creation Rangers: Answer the Call, this year’s special program for kids. Colossians 3:23-24 reminds us that whatever we do, it is for the Lord and not for men. We are called to be stewards God’s creation and are to care for all He has given us.

At Teach Them Diligently, we desire for your children to make new friends and learn about Jesus in a safe, welcoming, and fun environment. We are excited to have a large group of adults and college students returning this year to work with the children at TTD. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for your children!

Cost is $55 per child ( includes a t-shirt )Register Today

Questions & Answers about the Atlanta Children's Program

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When does the Children’s Program run?
The Children’s Program runs Friday and Saturday from 9:00 until 6:00 with a break for lunch. Times may vary slightly depending on location. On Thursday, children will attend sessions with their families.
Should my children bring lunch/snack/drink to the program with them?
No. Because of severe allergy issues, Teach Them Diligently staff members are NOT permitted to administer snacks to children. Therefore, NO FOOD is permitted in the Children’s Program area. If for any reason a child needs to eat at a time other than the scheduled meal breaks, the guardian must return to the Children’s Program area to give them the snacks (outside of the program area.) Children are taken for water breaks during the program.
Do my children eat lunch in the Children’s Program?
No. Children will be picked up from the program, eat lunch with their families, and get dropped off again during the drop-off times. This lunch break is a little over an hour.
When are the drop-off/pick up times?
If a child is signed up for the Children’s Program, an e-mail will be sent out prior to the event giving parents this information. Generally, drop-off begins 15 minutes before the program begins.
What do children do in the Children’s Program?

After a child is dropped off, he/she is placed in a small group with other children in his/her grade level. They are with this group the entire time, both days. This enables a child to get to know their leader during TTD and make new friends inside the small group.

Within their grade-level groups they will play games, work on verses, listen to Bible teaching time, and sing together. The grade groups will also meet together in a large group (1st-6th) for skits, songs, Bible teaching time, and large-group games.

Can my children be in the same groups together?
Children are placed in groups by grade. This is done because the games played, lessons taught, etc. are age appropriate. Parents are welcome to ask at Children’s Program Check-In about putting their children together, but TTD staff will NOT put a younger child in an older child’s group. The older child MUST go to the younger child’s group.
What are the ages for the Children’s Program?

Children allowed to attend the Children’s Program are between the ages of 4 and 12 (grades K4-6th.) ALL children attending the children’s program must be fully potty-trained.

The 4-12 Teen Program is available for children ages 12 and up. You can view information for our Teen Program here.

What measures are taken to make the Children’s Program secure and safe?

The TTD Children’s Program uses a check-in system. Every child MUST be checked in upon arrival and checked out again before leaving the program area. This helps provide safety and peace of mind.

Children and their guardians wear matching wristbands.

Every person over 18 who works in our program has been background checked prior to each years events.

Can children attend more than one program during a TTD event?

Yes! If you have paid for a child to be enrolled in more than one program, you will simply check that child out of the Children’s Program for that time period and check them back in once the other program is done.

Please be aware that each program has its own registration and cost. One single registration does not give access to all programs.

What do I do with my child on Thursday since there is no children’s program?

They will attend sessions with you. Here is a great blog post with ideas of things to do with your children on Thursday (or anytime during the event.) Read this helpful article.

Children's Program Gallery

Atlanta Children's Program Leadership

Nathan Crockett

Dr. Nathan Crockett is the Director of Ministry Training at Bob Jones University where he teaches several undergraduate Bible classes. Nathan has served as a youth pastor, interim senior pastor, and currently leads Rooted, the young adult ministry of Morningside Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. Nathan regularly preaches at churches, teen camps, children’s venues, and student leadership conferences.

Nathan loved the opportunity to bring dozens of BJU students to oversee the children’s programs at all the TTD conferences last year. Nathan and Abigail have four children. They also have three dogs and love the outdoors.

Jack Ramler

Jack Ramler serves as a Special Assistant for Recruitment at BJU. He currently works for the Executive Vice President for Enrollment and Ministerial Advancement, planning conferences and trips as well as providing support for executive initiatives. He graduated from BJU in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Bible, and he is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies.

Since BJU started to facilitate the Children’s Program, Jack has been to all but one conference. He began as a helper in the 4-year-old group and has continued to serve the children ever since. In his new role in the Children’s Program, Jack supervises the counselors and directs the main sessions—leading songs, playing games, and teaching scriptural lessons. Jack currently serves in his local church as an elementary school Sunday School teacher, taking difficult doctrine and making it accessible.

When not in the office or classroom, Jack loves reading literature and watching movies with his girlfriend, Lindsay. He is eagerly waiting for how God will prepare him for a life of ministry, and he can’t wait for the next Teach Them Diligently Children’s Program to begin.

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