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Most Homeschool Families Never Get the Help they Really Need. There is too much at stake to ever homeschool alone…

Christian families have more challenges than ever. Homeschooling has had 6 years worth of growth in one year because parents are wisely choosing to increase their direct influence over the worldview and education of their children. 

Homeschool families that come to a Teach Them Diligently Event have several things in common…

More Joy

More Confidence

More Motivated

More Prepared

Attend A Teach Them Diligently Convention To Get All The Tools You Need For The Heart Of Your Homeschool.

Enjoy 3 days of education and fun with your family. 

Surround yourself with others who understand that homeschooling impacts every part of your family’s life.

Marriage, parenting, and all other relationships are impacted by homeschooling, and when you attend a Teach Them Diligently you’ll get tons of information that will help you homeschool confidently all year long. Plus, the fellowship and fun you have onsite will make your trip to Teach Them Diligently a highlight of your whole family’s year.

We will guide you through with focused answers that work.  

Get Actionable Answers and Ideas.

Whether you’re just starting our on your homeschooling adventure, entering a new level of homeschooling with your children, or you’ve been homeschooling for years, you’r time at Teach Them Diligently will be full of incredible workshops and access to resources that will give you actionable answers and ideas to implement in your homeschool. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by thousands of other homeschoolers that you’ll be able to share ideas with.

You’re sure to go home a lot more confident and encouraged than when you came!


Everything we do is centered on Jesus Christ. We believe discipleship in the home is the main calling of parents, and homeschooling is a terrific tool for that!

You’ll find that our events are overflowing with a Gospel influence that will impact every decision you make.

Attending Teach Them Diligently will help you disciple your children through home education.

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It's Like Getting 7 Homeschool Events In One!

Getting Started Homeschooling

Perfect for families thinking of starting homeschooling or have been homeschooling for only a short while.

Nuts and Bolts of Homeschooling

Anyone that is looking for actionable and game-changing tips for virtually any aspect of homeschooling.

Homeschooler Refreshment

New and Veteran Homeschoolers that are looking for a renewal of vision and motivation, will find it here! And, it’s all delivered from a Gospel perspective.


Answers for mom & dads shepherding the hearts of all ages. Homeschoolers have unique challenges in parenting and you will get impactful answers at our events. But, our answers are not just for homeschoolers, for the principles you’ll learn at Teach Them Diligently will strengthen your family regardless of your educational choice.


Some of our most popular content is for husband and wives. Many couples have started using Teach Them Diligently events as mini-retreats and getaways to reconnect even as they learn and grow together.

Men, Husbands, and Fathers

We believe that something special happens when men get together. We hope to encourage and build men ready and capable of being Gospel-focused servant-leaders in the home.

Buy Your Books

We will have thousands of curriculum, resources, and Christian Resources(???) available for you to touch, flip-through, and buy. Oh! And Don’t forget about the t-shirts and home décor.

Our Mission Is Helping Your Family Thrive Through Homeschooling Well

  • Families who attend homeschool conventions and are engaging in community groups are more likely to continue homeschooling and to do it more effectively than those who don’t.

  • Teach Them Diligently has been producing homeschool events for 10 years. These events have become a highlight of the year for the thousands of families who attend.

  • We have produced more than 45 events during that time, impacting over 40,000 homeschool families each year.

If you are considering homeschooling, but have questions, feel like you can’t do it, or just want to know what the options are, then please accept our invitation to come and find those answers at one of our great homeschool conventions. And if you are already homeschooling, then you know just how needful events like these are. We look forward to seeing you this spring.

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2023 Featured Speakers

Chelsea Cameron

Kim Sorgius

Dr. Kathy Koch

Todd Friel

Heidi St. John

Sonya Shafer

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