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About The Family

At the time of this writing, three of our children are in college, and our “baby” is a sophomore in high school. Our boys are finishing their studies this spring, Lord-willing, and are ready to embark on the new opportunities that await them as they launch out on their own. One son is getting married shortly after graduation, and we are incredibly excited to welcome another daughter to the family next summer. We still have a blast together, and conversations seem constant as our young adults are in and out throughout the day.

Looking back, we’re so grateful for how God led our family. He was so faithful to answer our prayers and to give us wisdom as we parented and educated them, and we’re now enjoying the benefits of that as we see our now-grown children fulfilling what we always hoped they would. They love God. They actively love people. And they make a difference in the lives of many they encounter. We are, of all people, most blessed.