Getting Started: Homeschool-Just Do It!

Getting Started: Simple ways to begin to homeschool your children

I tend to over think pretty much every decision that I make.

I always have.

I also tend to think out loud – and if you are in the vicinity you will most likely be asked your opinion on whatever it is I’m pondering.

When I started thinking about getting started on homeschooling the girls it was all I could think about. I thought about the pros and cons, as well as the reactions that I thought we would get from family and friends. I thought all the work that would be involved, and wondered if I had enough energy. Enough knowledge. Enough time.

It was a process.

During these months my wonderful mother in law was privy to lots of these thoughts and conversations.

When I was rambling about how to pick a date to officially *start* to homeschool she said:

“You are already homeschooling. You have been for over a year. You just didn’t realize it.”

I stared at her and I finally got it.

We really have been homeschooling for over a year.

We have been working with letters and numbers and colors.

We cook together – and the girls can actually make muffins and cupcakes by herself with minimal help from me.

We sing songs and dance and make up silly rhythms.

We read {and read and read}.

We are learning how to share, to talk politely, and to consider others feelings.

We build bridges and tunnels and miles of track for Thomas and his friends to drive on.

We build castles and roads in the sand box.

We weed and work in the garden together.

We visit the Please Touch Museum and the Zoo and the library.

We pray and talk about Jesus and the world around us.

We color and draw and paint.

We have bubble parties and talk about where bubbles go when they float away.

We run and laugh and play.

I can not tell you how freeing it has been to realize that I’m already teaching my girls lessons and I never even knew it.

This is homeschool- and it’s awesome!!