Get This Right Going Into the New Year

Inaction often springs not from a lack of discipline or proactiveness, but from a lack of clarity. It’s possible that the effort is there, but the end goal is blurry. Clarity makes action the next logical step.” (Quoted from Benham Brothers)

Start Here…?

Well, we did it! We made it to 2021. Congratulations! So many of us are thinking about new beginnings and starting over with the new year–dusting off those long dormant goals. Like you, I think about the same sort of things.

Not long after we were quarantined here in South Carolina (in May), I decided that I needed to find a physical outlet. I was going stir-crazy waiting for the lockdown to end and state parks to open. So, I bought a subscription to an exercise website, and I went out to purchase some light weights. I simply wanted some 10 pound barbells for the exercises I was starting.
The whole city was sold out. It was like people in their hysteria to stock up on paper products also made a short stop at sports stores to buy up dumbbells. Shelves were empty across the city and even classified and marketplace websites were devoid of home exercise equipment. Things like tread mills, weight bands, leggings, stationary bikes, etc. were also disappearing.

Looks like I was not the only one going stir-crazy and wanting to get into better shape.

Well, after going to several exercise stores, I finally found two 10 pound weights sitting on a lonely shelf in a local sports store. But, here is the real kicker,…after working hard to find these weights, I didn’t last two months. I gave up my new habit within two months of starting because of time.
Basically, things got tough, and I lost my way.

How often do we do this? We make a decision on a new goal or initiative or resolution. We feel so good about it. In our revelry we start to make purchases and do research. We pile up the things we will need to actually fulfill this new initiative. It is like the purchasing of the goods and resources associated with the new initiative and project makes it more real.

Is this really the route to success? Is making a decision and then rushing out to buy equipment and resources the best way to make your resolutions a reality?

Others will start with researching every aspect of the new goal or initiative before buying equipment and resources. They will ask friends, look at reviews, read blogs, and watch videos. They don’t want to waste money and time. Research is good, but I am not sure it is the best place to start.

Over the last year, Moms and Dads have come up with admirable initiatives. Whether it is getting in shape, or reading more, or something else, they have done research and bought resources and equipment in their excitement.

However, I want to encourage parents during these uncertain times and heading into the New Year to spend extra time getting clarity on goals.
Well constructed goals are the secret for carrying through with any new initiative or resolution. Understanding why you start…! If you aren’t clear on why you start, momentum forward gets really difficult, especially during these hectic and uncertain times.

If you don’t understand what success looks like and why you start, you are less likely to finish.

How often do we set goals for ourselves with savings or retirement? Managers and executives set goals in business, why can’t we set goals for ourselves as parents?

I am convinced that many parents either don’t really think about this, or they have very low goals. Goals such as raising the next generation of Christ-followers is not something that is thought of for most Moms and Dads. I know this sounds cynical but I believe that most parents simply hope their children stay out of jail.

So, I am going to ask you this question…
What goal do you have for your children? Is there a goal that we all should have? What would that be? How does that goal impact our decision to homeschool? What does success look like?

I have a new e-book on setting Goals as parents. I describe in this book the four qualities of well-constructed goals. You will not believe the third one. Download your e-book today.

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