10th Grade

Gearing Up for Junior Year

It’s hard to believe it’s almost summertime! As you enter the busy days of swimming, sports, and family events, it’s easy to lose momentum in your college preparation. While you don’t need to continue the same pace in the summer – we all need a break! – the following tips can keep you and your soon-to-be-junior on track as you approach the busiest year of high school:

  • Summer is great for CLEP!

Remember the CLEP tests we talk about so much? Summer is the perfect time to take one or more of these exams! A few weeks of concentrated study with one of CLEP’s study guides is ample preparation for an exam, which if passed, will gain your student three college credits without ever sitting in a classroom!

  • When in doubt, say “yes” to the summer job.

Whether your child is considering a summer job or a volunteer position, building up his resume will set him apart among college applicants. It will also make him more desirable to future employers, who are eager to snap up applicants with a history of hands-on experience (even if the job isn’t directly related to the career field, it will teach skills necessary for any position).

  • Concentrate on test preparation.

Deciding whether or not to do summer school? Instead of your usual curriculum, consider a combination of CLEP or AP preparation, SAT/ACT study skills, and scholarship searching. The former two will give your student tutelage in math, reading, and science. The latter could result in college funding! This will keep your student’s head in the game while simultaneously preparing him for the demands of junior year.

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