Free and Frugal Elementary Homeschool Resources

Free & Frugal Elementary Homeschool Resources

The elementary years are a fun and exciting time to be a child. If you choose to homeschool, there are a variety of ideas out there to keep your child on track and without breaking the bank. There are frugal options as well as free options. Can you really homeschool for free? Yes, and if you choose, these can simply just be supplements for your homeschool. Here are four ideas and resources where you can potentially homeschool for free:

Start with the library: Obviously you can dig up and create your own curriculum simply by using resources in your local library. Some libraries also offer free computer usage with a library card. This is a great site to start with your homeschooling adventures. The owner of this site dug up and created resources for you to homeschool with ease. Ambleside Online is a Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling. There is a lot of classical reading. This curriculum is advanced so you may need to gage what your homeschooler is capable of learning using this curriculum. is an awesome site with supplement printables in almost every subject. If you and your child are a fan of worksheets, this is definitely the route to go.

Frugal Ideas for Homeschooling

Sometimes it’s just inevitable that homeschool resources will require a fee, but there are a variety of ideas out there that are frugal and will help you homeschool your elementary child: If you subscribe to this site for only $39.99 a year, you will gain access to digital books, printables, and a variety of resources to homeschool your child effectively. Need a math supplement? IXL is only $79 for a yearly plan for one child or $9.95 monthly. This is a fantastic homeschool site or supplement. It contains a variety of lesson plans, etc., in required subjects. For Pre-K through 8th grade it is only $19.95 a month per student. and an additional $14.95 a month for additional students. This site offers programs from preschool to high school without high monthly costs. Definitely worth looking into.

As you can see, homeschool doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and sometimes trying new ideas may be helpful to you and your homeschool. This is also helpful when transitioning or searching for the right curriculum for your elementary homeschooler.

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