Being Confident in Your Own Homeschool

Last fall, I was making applesauce. As I spent hours hunched over the apples, I was cutting in half, coring, cooking, and blending in the Vitamix. I got to thinking that homeschooling is a lot like making applesauce.

Everyone does it just a little bit differently. Everyone thinks their way is the best. Everyone uses a different assortment of apples. Everyone uses a unique method of getting the job done.

Just like homeschooling.

Let’s start with the apples. You ask anyone, and they will have their specific type of apple that they must use. Some will be cheap- like I use what my neighbor gives me. Some will want to know how the apples were grown, so they grow their own. Some can ONLY make it using their favorite kind of apples — Ask, and you will hear, “I ALWAYS use yellow delicious.”

Some people always use what their parents did, some their grandparents. Some will mix a couple types of apples to get their favorite blend.

It is certain everyone has their kind of apple they use.

Just like homeschoolers. Some might go for whatever hand-me-downs or freebies they find on the web. (No shame in that, I’ve done it) Some people like to make their curriculum. Some people always use the same thing. Some people use what their parents always used. Others have found their favorite and stick with it! Some people mix a few different types to get their school style.  

But just like apples, everyone starts with a bit of a different curriculum.

The process of making applesauce is always so different for each person. Have you ever gone to someone else’s house for their applesauce day? They might peel the apples. Or maybe they take out the seeds. Some people cook them and then run them thru a Victoria strainer. Others cook and use the Vitamix. And then canning or freezing. Everyone does it a little differently.

But no two families do it the same.

Just like homeschoolers. Some of us take Tuesdays off. Some of us do co-op. Some do year-round. Some stick with the traditional school year. Some people sit their kids at a desk in a school room. Some kids do school hanging upside down off the couch. (That’s us!) Some are at the kitchen table.
It is certain no two families do it quite the same way.

It is easy to fall into the trap of comparing my homeschool to someone else’s homeschool. I find myself going down that rabbit trail too much. But I don’t think I’ve ever worried that the way I do applesauce is wrong for my family. Why is that?!  I don’t know anyone else who does applesauce the same exact way as me, and I’m ok with that.
I don’t know anyone else who does homeschool the same way as me — am I ok with that too? I should be!

I should be as confident about my type of homeschool as my favorite applesauce.

Not self-confident. But confident in my God.

I have prayed more about the type of homeschool I have than applesauce.  I went to God and asked Him what curriculum to use, what routine to follow, and how our days should look. So, with His direction, I can be ok with the fact no one else has a homeschool like ours.

And so can YOU! Have you gone to God and asked for His direction for your homeschool? Have you heard from Him how your school day should run? Are you following His direction? Then —
You can be as confident about your type of homeschool as you are about your favorite applesauce.

No two families are the same: applesauce or homeschool. Variety is nothing to be ashamed of — no reason to compare yourself to anyone else — variety is beautiful to our great God!

(And if you don’t make applesauce, no worries. Think about something else you make or buy and plug that in)

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