Fetching Friday – Top Homeschooling Posts August 2021

Welcome to Fetching Fridays! We’re so excited to introducing this new series! Here is how it works. Each week on Friday, we will release a blog containing 5 of the top posts for Christian Homeschool Families. For each Friday of the month, we will focus on a different topic.

1st Friday of the month– Relationship Posts

2nd Friday of the month– General Homeschooling Posts

3rd Friday of the month– Health and Wellness Posts

4th Friday of the month– Curriculum and Resources Posts

5th Friday of the month– Freebies

We are so excited to start off this series with 5 of the Top General Homeschooling Posts for August 2021!

Fetching Fridays – Top General Homeschooling Posts August 2021

Powerful Tips and Advice for New Homeschool Moms

Our first article is from Sarah Avila from “My Joy Filled Life”.  In her article, she talks about some really good tips and tricks for new homeschoolers. If you’re new to homeschooling & a bit nervous, here are some great tips from a veteran homeschool mom to will put your mind and heart at ease.  You can Read Her Article HERE

Family Time Encourages a Love of Learning

Second, we have a spectacular article by Kerry Beck from  “How to Homeschool my Child”. Kerry talks about how important family time is for education. To help with homeschooling multiple ages and simplify planning, use Family Time each morning. Discover how to incorporate Family Time into your homeschool. You can Read Her Article HERE. 

What To Do When You Don’t Have a Homeschool Room

Do you have a homeschool room? Whether you do or not, Kimberly Nicole Steenbegen talks about how to stay organized while homeschooling in our third article today. A homeschool room is nice, but not everyone has the space to dedicate an entire room to school. So, what do you do when you don’t have a homeschool room? Here are some tips for staying organized in whatever space you have! You can Read Her Article HERE. 

My Child Hates to Write! 19 Game-Changing Homeschool Tips

Teaching kids to read and write can be a challenge but cultivating a love to write can be a seemingly impossible task sometimes. Lindsay Leiviska from “A Heart for All Students,” is here to help! How to homeschool kids who hate writing. Includes 19 strategies to help children get over the “I hate writing” hump so they can thrive as communicators. Dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia and ADHD. You can Read Her Article HERE. 

How To Know What To Teach Your Child In Homeschool (How To Homeschool)

In our final article today, Richie Soares from “Homeschool and Humor,” is here to help you decide what you need to teach your  children.  If you’re at a loss wondering what to teach your child for homeschool, I have the perfect solutions to your questions. Whether you have state requirements or not, you’ll know exactly what to teach your child for homeschool after reading this. You can Read Her Article HERE.

We really hope that these articles are helpful for you today. We look forward to next Fetching Friday where we’re compiling articles on Health and Wellness! See you then! 

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