Fetching Friday – Top Health and Wellness Posts August 2021

Welcome to Fetching Fridays! We’re so excited to introducing this new series! Here is how it works. Each week on Friday, we will release a blog containing 5 of the top posts for Christian Homeschool Families. For each Friday of the month, we will focus on a different topic.

1st Friday of the month– Relationship Posts

2nd Friday of the month– General Homeschooling Posts

3rd Friday of the month– Health and Wellness Posts

4th Friday of the month– Curriculum and Resources Posts

5th Friday of the month– Freebies

We are so excited for this week’s blog talking about 5 of the Top Health and Wellness Posts for August 2021!

Fetching Fridays – Top Health and Wellness Posts August 2021

Five Favorite Essential Oils for Busy Moms You Need Now

Our first article is from Julie Polanco from “Julie Naturally”.  In her article, she talks about the five best essential oils! Learn about 5 essential oils that are especially helpful to busy moms like you! You can Read Her Article HERE

How To Help The Whole Family Get To Sleep

Second, we have a spectacular article by Penny Rogers from  “Our Crazy adventures in Autismland”. We all have nights where we toss and turn, nights where our child with autism keeps us up most of it, and nights we feel completely rested and ready to start the day as soon as our alarms go off! Learn how to get your family on a sleep schedule that works for everyone. You can Read Her Article HERE. 

A Proven Guide to Good Nutrition

Whether you are at your ideal weight or are on the obesity scale, losing weight is simply a matter of burning more calories than you take in? Right? The answer, I suggest, is no, especially for women reaching perimenopause and menopause! Good nutrition, overall body health improvement, as well as weight gain or loss, must be factored into the equation when you talk about your well-being, or you could be heading for problems. You can Read Her Article HERE. 

Zones Of Regulation At Home: Self-Regulation For The Family

How to support your family’s emotional regulation using the zones of regulation chart. A post all about the impact of parenting higher needs kids (adoption, anxiety, autism, trauma) and how to best support the heartbeat and relationship of the entire family. You can Read Her Article HERE. 

Best Apps to Maintain Your Weight During the Holiday Season

Last year is the last time to use the excuse “It’s the holidays” to ignore your healthy meals and weight! Maintain your weight during the holidays as busy homeschool moms by checking out these 6 food tracking apps. You can Read Her Article HERE.

We really hope that these articles are helpful for you today. We look forward to next Fetching Friday where we’re compiling articles on Curriculum and Resources! See you then! 

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