Facing Six Crippling Realities When Raising Resilient, Well-Rounded Children | 296

In this conversation, Leslie Nunnery and Patti Garibay discuss six crippling realities that parents must face in today’s world. These realities include increased exposure and decreased experience, increased stimulation and decreased critical thinking, increased connections and decreased community, increased opportunity and decreased risk-taking, increased anxiety and decreased activity, and increased instant gratification and decreased resilience. They emphasize the importance of intentional parenting, limiting screen time, building community, promoting critical thinking, encouraging physical activity, and fostering resilience. They also highlight the role of American Heritage Girls in supporting parents and providing a Christ-centered character development program for girls. 

About the Guest:

Patti Garibay is the Founder and Executive Director of the national character development organization, American Heritage Girls (AHG), in which 60% of the members are homeschoolers. Over the past 28 years, AHG has ministered to tens of thousands of families in all fifty states and 16 international countries.
Educated at The Ohio State University with majors in secondary education and French, Patti shares a love of history and youth.
Over her tenure with American Heritage Girls, Garibay has been featured across hundreds of nationally recognized media outlets, including Axis’ Parenting Teen Summit, Axis’ Online Homeschool Convention, Family Life Radio, Focus on the Family, TIME Magazine, The New York Times, and she was one of the first guests featured on James Dobson’s Family Talk. Garibay was named a woman of excellence by the West Chester – Liberty Chamber Alliance in 2004, was named a member of the American Family Association’s ‘40 Faithful’ in 2017, and was nominated and selected as a Woman of Influence through LEAD Magazine in 2017. She is the voice of the Raising Godly Girls Minute heard nationwide daily and the weekend host of the Raising Godly Girls podcast.

Key Takeaways:

  • Parents need to be intentional in addressing the six crippling realities that children face in today’s world. 
  • Limiting screen time and promoting outdoor experiences can help counteract the negative effects of increased exposure and decreased experience. 
  • Encouraging critical thinking and fostering resilience are essential for children’s development. 
  • Building community and engaging in physical activity can help combat increased anxiety and decreased activity. 
  • American Heritage Girls provides a Christ-centered character development program that supports parents in addressing these realities. 

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