Wild Brothers Productions

We are the Wild Brothers. We have grown up in Papua Indonesia as our family shared the Good News of Jesus Christ where it hadn’t been heard before. Our home church asked us what it was like being modern day missionary kids, and we discovered that the best way to answer was through filmmaking and curriculum development. This sent us on an incredible journey of documenting our lives and adventures on camera. Our goal is to expose people to the reality of modern day missions, and excite them about living a life for God. We have discovered that following Christ is the ultimate adventure, and we want to share that passion with others!

Products / Services

Growing up Wild: This is a 15-part video-based missional homeschool curriculum aimed for 4th-8th graders. The goal of this curriculum is to expose kids to our missionary family as we live in a different culture, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with an unreached people group. Its purpose is to encourage the next generation to live for God’s glory. Adventures in Creation: This is a 8-part reality series created in partnership with Answers in Genesis, following our adventures in the remotest parts of the world. The goal is to share our passion that following Christ is the ultimate adventure! Islands of the Four Kings: This is a full feature documentary that follows us into the remote and animistic Islands of Raja Ampat (Islands of the Four Kings), as we search for spiritual and archeological truth among the ancient burial sites of a forgotten people.