The Young Writer

We help young writers achieve their goals & pursue their dreams, whether that be conquering writer’s block and finishing that chapter, or signing their first book contract and building the foundation of an author career.

Our co-founders, Brett Harris & Jaquelle Crowe Ferris, both became bestselling authors as teenagers and have helped hundreds of young people hone their craft & publish their work. Visit our booth to learn more about our programs and our special TTD offer.

Products / Services

We offer two programs: the Young Writer’s Workshop and the Author Conservatory. The Young Writer’s Workshop is a monthly membership program for young Christian writers in their teens and twenties that gives them regular instruction in the craft of writing along with access to an interactive, online learning community where they can connect with other writers. Many of our students have seen a tremendous increase in their motivation to write and how many personal writing projects they’ve completed after joining the program.

The Author Conservatory is a three-year college alternative program that gives novelists the skills and experiences they need to pursue writing as a career.
In the program, young Christian writers can master the writing craft, develop practical business skills, and have access to top industry professionals—all within a supportive Christian environment. In the words of literary agent & publisher Steve Laube, we’re “one of the most comprehensive writing programs you’ll find anywhere.”