The Mystery of History

The Mystery of History, Inc., established in 2002, is a small “personal” company—with a big heart. We are (intentionally) a small, handpicked team who has been working out of the author’s home for over a decade to serve the needs of our readers.
This means we’re not in the business of running a large warehouse, staffing a storefront location, or hiring out our marketing. (That’s not us!)
We are in the business of deeply caring for you, your families, and your study of world history from a Christian worldview. (That’s our mission!)
Be it through counsel, products, workshops, classes, or the author’s blog, we’re here to help you journey through The Mystery of History.

Products / Services

The Mystery of History by Linda Lacour Hobar is a chronological, Christian, complete world history
curriculum. Easy-to-use, historically accurate, and Christ-centered—
the award-winning series features four volumes of world history from ancient to modern time—for all ages.