Peggy Miracle Consolver - Author & Speaker

I have biblical historical fiction of the time of Joshua—in the Late Bronze Age--which features practical survival issues of life as I provide Canaanite eye witnesses for the events of Joshua and the Hebrews' entering Canaan.
The study guide to my (fiction) books features in depth Bible study and active learning suggestions in order for young readers to experience some of the lifestyle issues of the age.

Products / Services

MG/YA novel: Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer, 2015, The Carpenter's Son Publishing MG/YA novel and sequel: The Star Namer and the Unchosen, 2019, The Carpenter's Son Publishing Study Guide: Digging Deeper into HIStory: Study Guide, 2016, The Carpenter's Son Publishig Picture Book, 4-8yos: Kacey's Question: "Who Will I Marry?", 2018, The Carpenter's Son Publishing