Vertical Integration: Finance Your Family’s Passion!

Passionate about outreach or a family business? Want more streams of income to help finance it? Wish your children could help? Vertical integration can make your passion more financially sustainable. We’ll share stories of how well-known businesses do this. And we’ll share how we do it (we passively finance our parenting mission this way). Learn tools, how-tos, and brainstorm with us how to impact your bottom line, start that ministry you’ve always wanted to start, or keep it humming with less fi

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Panther Family trains parents how to train children. And it’s not fluff. We combine tradition and sound science to demonstrate real, day-to-day tools that work. With even the littlest children, you can go shopping, travel, build a family business, or reach out to your community—all without embarrassment. In time, you’ll commonly hear, “You have the best-behaved children I’ve ever seen!” Train Your Children. Get Peace. Build Legacy.